Yet Another Random Password Generator

The AI2 communities abound with these, but here is another random password generator.

You can set the minimum length, the length (most important!), and choose between lowercase and uppercase letters, digits, and special characters (one, some or all).

I have excluded the "$" sign because this may not always be handled correctly without escaping the character (depends on what you are doing).

This is what I started from, which is a simple but effective random password generator, I believe by @dora_paz :


I expanded on this to include the options as indicated above. The procedure ensures that if a set of characters is selected to be used, that at least one of those characters is present.


This is just a password generator. No claims with regard to security. Please do you own research.
Note: the procedure blocks are draggable (click on them [twice] to make big, then drag into blocks editor)



This gives always a password of length 4.

Just one set to true and the other to false gives a password of length 1.

Well found @Peter

and will do all the way up to 5 & 5 :slight_smile:

will have a look at the length/minLength logic

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Hopefully now fixed, new procedure in the first post.

A easy way is to use 'Get Random item from list' block.

  1. split a string with 'empty string', may generate a list with first item as a empty string, which may not is what you want.

Yes, this can be an issue for older android versions. Developers would need to modify the procedure to take account of this.

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Just an alternate method..


createStrongPassword ?

Definition of "strong" ?

Does this guarantee a character from a set (lower/upper/digit/special) if that set is selected to be used ?

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Genius, i just tried using 5 digits and it works for me

@Spicy_Topics - Can you please export and upload a draggable block of your procedure?

No lowercase letter in the first one ....
No special character in the middle one....