Years by year event and fact

Here is this app am working on. When user enter a year, event and fact about the year will be shown to the user.

I have been stuck at how to get facts for as many years as possible. Kindly help on how I can achieve. Either API or extension (free)

Use the activity starter to launch a web search for Join('in ',year)

I did this. This is my first time using the activity component.
As you can see, I use google search. And as expected, it open the browser and gave numerous answers.

Is there another way that won't involve google search result or Wikipedia?

What is the benefit of the activity starter component? I can easily use the webViewer component to achieve the same result.
I read it can be used to open an Android camera, in which the camera component will also do the same. Blah.....Blah

Not yet convinced about its uses.

Without doing the work of searching for a reliable and trustworthy source of historical information, and tailoring your efforts to that source, there's no point to putting any effort into the front end.

Unfortunately, searching for a reliable and trustworthy source of historical information is beyond the scope of this board.


... and by the way, it doesn't belong here either.

Yes. You are right. Thank

You haven't explained the extent of using the ActivityStarter component.

There is a really helpful link on the AI2 web page:



in there you will find:

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A similar old project of mine.

You can also use the ChatBot component.