[APP] 🎂 Famous People Born On Your Birthday!

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:computer: Introduction

I do not want to focus on design, what really matters is your birthday and the concept of this application.

This application, or template, uses a Wikipedia API in the free API library to check famous people born on a specific date. We will allow the user to choose their own birthday, and then perform the API get request with the specific date. Then, we will launch a ListView to allow the user to choose different famous people. After the user has selected a celebrity, the app will redirect the user to a Wikipedia page of that celebrity.

Note that the application uses 2 web APIs - one to load the result into the label with Wikipedia api with Plain Text Search Results (thank you @SteveJG!), and one I just found myself, which gives me a list of famous people on a specific date. I really appreciate Steve's work, you may have noticed that I used his example in multiple apps.

The aiStarter emulator cannot perform complicated Web get requests, so I suggest you to use a Genymotion emulator, an Android Studio emulator or on an actual phone.

It does take a few seconds to load. As you can see, the list can go crazy long.


:framed_picture: Screenshots

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  • Credit for @SteveJG! He wrote the example of the first API I used.

  • The application watermark (duck-profile.jpg) is a watermark of AICODE.

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AIA: OnYourBirthday.aia (17.7 KB)

APK: Google Drive link.

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Yes, the project is open source! View it in the MIT App Inventor Gallery.

:test_tube: Tests

Tested succesfully both on the AI Companion in Xiaomi 11 5G NE Lite and in the compiled app of Xiaomi 11 5G NE Lite and Google Pixel 2 emulator.

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Gordon Lu

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This is a Very Fantastic app @Gordon_Lu
I haven't even thought that we could have an app like this...


I saw the idea somewhere before, when there is a list of famous people born on a specific date. So, I was inspired to make this app.


Wow, I always wonder if anyone's born on 6 Feb, but now I will know it !

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My favourite actor Jack Black was born on my birthday.

FYI - @Gordon_Lu I know you were born on 30 February. But due to changing of time your birthday was replaced on 29th February. Then you realised that 29 February comes after every 4 years, so you changed your birthday to 28th February. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Jokes aside. @Gordon_Lu Amazing app


Great App thank you

Is there any date as '30 February' ? #off-topic

30 February= 1st March

Maths Logic :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Or we can just say in dinosaurs time there was 30th February or 31st February or 45th February :rofl::rofl:

Thank you all for your support! My app won App of the Month again in April.


I won this for two months in a row. Thank you all! I couldn't do it without your motivation and support.

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