YandexTranslator missing API key

When trying to use YandexTranslator, I get the following error: Error 2201: Missing API Key for the Yandex.Translate service. I searched around the forum and I found out this post where it states that the version 2.60 doesn't include a default API and that I should use 2.60.1. However, when I try to enter the testflight url, it says that you don't accept any more testers. I can understand this fully, due to it being a post published in May 2021, but what I can't understand is that in March 2022 you haven't published the 2.60.1 update yet for the rest of the users. How am I supposed to use YandexTranslator?

MIT App Inventor for iOS Version 2.60.1 - News/Announcements - MIT App Inventor Community

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I also have the same problem. :cry:

Can you send the blocks plz

Yes, this is a known bug. You have to wait until MIT publish a new version of the iOS companion.