MIT App Inventor for iOS Version 2.60.1

Hello everyone,

MIT App Inventor for iOS version 2.60.1 is now available for beta testing via Apple TestFlight. This is a bugfix release that addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue where Player would not produce audio when phones were in silent mode
  • Fixed an issue where Map features would not show title and description information
  • Fixed an issue where setting the Canvas background to None would show a white background instead
  • Fixed an issue where floating point values without a leading zero were parsed as symbols instead of numbers
  • Fixed an issue where ImageSprites moved in a delayed fashion
  • Fixed an issue where the Slider component did not respect the minimum value
  • Added the ability to use localhost URLs in the WebViewer
  • Made the screen stay on while editing your project
  • Fixed an issue where a misspelling caused certain list blocks to not work correctly
  • Made the Button LongClick event fire after 500 ms rather than when the button is released
  • Added missing functionality related to parsing JSON and XML using dictionaries to the Web component
  • Fixed an issue where WebViewString is not set when a webpage initially loads
  • Implemented the missing join with separator and string reverse blocks
  • Fixed a bug where JavaScript prompts were not displayed
  • Fixed an issue where the YandexTranslate component would report a missing API key

Thank you for all of the reports of issues.

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
Lead Software Engineer, MIT App Inventor


Ok, so we are still waiting for beta testing review. Hopefully it will be released to everyone soon.


Hi all, the beta version has been approved by Apple, so those of you in the beta testing program should be able to install this version now. The version is 2.60.1, build 2. If you have encountered any of the above issues in 2.60 and would like to help us with testing the next version, please use this link to join the TestFlight beta testing program.


Hello everyone,

We have published MIT App Inventor for iOS version 2.60.1 (build 3) to Apple TestFlight for beta testing. This release contains the following bug fixes beyond what was included in 2.60.1 (build 2) to address some issues raised in various curricula.

  • Add support for dropdown blocks, which is a feature coming soon in nb187
  • Fix a bug where multiple calls to TextToSpeech would overlap
  • Fix issues related to numbers not formatting correctly when converted to text
  • Fix an issue where non-text values were converted to text when stored in globals
  • Fix an issue where view constraints were not set up properly when Screen1.Initialize is invoked
  • Fix an issue where URL parameters are not encoded properly
  • Fix some issues related to JSON parsing in the Web component
  • Fix an issue where the random number generator was not initialized on startup, always resulting in the same "random" sequence
  • Fix an issue with drawing shapes on the Canvas
  • Fix an issue related to dragging sprites on the Canvas
  • Implemented a missing function that caused some error messages to not appear
  • Fix an issue where certain return values were not converted into lists
  • Fix an issue where JSON parsing would not return dictionaries even if it were requested
  • Fix an issue where CloudDB's GotValue event would not fire when a value had been retrieved

We are still working on a number of related layout issues. Please continue to report any bugs you encounter as it helps us better prioritize effort on issues.

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
Lead Software Engineer, MIT App Inventor


Excellent news!!!, thank you @ewpatton and all MIT AI4iOS Team for your effort.


Buenos dias
Desarrolle un aplicación con APP Inventor para Android pero como no tengo un dispositivo ios me instale una maquina virtual con catalina
Es posible compilarlo ?
tiene algún vídeo?
Muchas gracias de Antemano

The companion identified here is for iOS devices. If you don't have an iOS device, then I would recommend using the companion for Android instead.


Muchas gracias por la pronta respuesta , y felicitaciones por su gran aporte .

Cree una aplicación de Alertas Judiciales que avisa a los magistrados plazos por vencer
pero como puedo implementar una notificación como tiene el WhatsApp

Good job

You may want to look at

Muchas gracias Nishyanth, lo voy a probar !

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Gracias Ms_Jannatul_Akter_Mi por el reconocimiento