Yandex translator not working with ios please help

hey im hoping someone here is able to help me with this, bare in mind that i am sort of new to MIT app inventor, im trying to help a friend who is having some problem with the yandex translator.

i will leave images down bellow of her code and
the error message she gets on her phone when trying to run the application:

this last image is when she changes the API key to the one she got when she registered with yandex

Our apologies. This is a bug in the current version on the App Store but it should be fixed in version 2.60.1, which is currently being beta tested in TestFlight. If you or your friend are interested, please take a look at this post and sign up for beta testing to confirm that the fix works for you:

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So, this post is over a year old. But the App Store still does not have build 2.60.01 and I am having the same problem. When will the App Store be updated?