Writing to a Gsheet

I am looking for tutorials on writing a list to a GSheet on MyDrive. Can someone help me that please... thank you

Than ks folks.... going in! Always UK English!!

What I cannot find is how to manipulate the URL, to make it open for saving. Also the format of the Post event to specify format

Which guide are you referring to?

Honestly, mate, I am not sure. There was one I followed in order to read from a gsheet, but cannot find one to write to a gsheet. I have found somewhere lines of code are written and added, but, truth be told, I am not that advanced. I was hoping there was a way to plonk in some blocks to get the data out and stored. Its basic, just a shopping list shared between my wife and I.

You need to concentrate :slight_smile:

Without going into to the complications of google apps script, you can use a google form to submit data to a sheet and access the data if the sheet is shared "Anyone with the link can view"

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Okey doke TIMAI2,
I am concentrating. Lol!
I am getting ready to accept guests for my birthday celebration (read: ale session), but will read all about this. After skimming through, I think I can handle it. I do have a diploma in programming and analysis, though it dates back to the 90s, I think I can rattle something loose in the old noggin'! I see things have progressed immensely in the world of data manipulation while I have been playing my trade as carpenter.
Cheers again Tim, much appreciated