Write Data to sheets

Good day,

I want to create an app that write a bib number and time to google sheets, and I see there is several ways to write to sheets. One is via Google Forms, and the other is via Google AppScript. Both have their pros and cons. My app will use the time on the device, and write to a sheet. Is there any other way to write directly to a sheet? I want to be able to customize the sheet url in the app settings. My aim is to create a timing app that can use multiple devices. For example a Time trial race that have individual starts and ends at different locations. So having a Time marshall at the start, entering the bib number of the participant and enter, will log the time to a sheet. Another marshall with a device, at the end, will have the same URL to the sheet, and log the bib number and time when the participant finish.
Could it work, and will I have permission issues?

Thanks in advance

There are a lot of topics about using Google Sheets.

Since the latest release App Inventor has a Google Sheets component called Spreadsheet.


Simple answer, no. You take a route to a third party server, but you would still need a form or apps script to handle the data into the sheet.

Or use the native Spreadsheet component, which currently requires the setup of a service account to use the Sheets API.

Yes, this could work, do you mean google sheet permissions? If so, you would need to use one of the methods above. You cannot just write to a google sheet without authentication. (The google form approach works because the form is internally authenticated by your google account to write to a sheet)