WIFI Transmo: WI-FI Peer to Peer Text, File transfer with Live audio transmitting

Ok. that means the device is receiving the message but there is a problem.

Ok. Finally got it working. It seems it was an issue with the extension for app inventor.

Beta test 2

com.kumaraswamy.wificall.aix (28.7 KB)

Here is the new extension. Now send files and text.
Some bug fixed and other things.

I suggest you to create a new project whoever is using the extension.

Still application that receives text crashes. I left the port number the default.
test23 (3).aia (30.1 KB)

Did you create a new project?

MyNewWifi.aia (29.5 KB)

It's working for me. Try removing stop discovery block. And the clock timer.

Here are the videos:

I have no stopping the clock. When the devices connect, the clock starts and does not stop anymore.
In general, the text is sent, the problem is on the receiver side because the receiver turns off. I wasn't doing a new project. I manually removed the extension and blocks and did everything anew.

Both phones are Samsung s8, android 9.

I will try again with a new project.

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So what is the result?

The same as I showed yesterday, i.e. the receiver turns off. Today I will try a completely new design and your .aia.

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Ok. It works with a new project. Now the disconnect feature is missing, because now it is only possible to connect once. After closing the application and restarting, you can no longer connect the devices because they are connected all the time. Unfortunately, the application does not know about it. The only way to reconnect is to manually disconnect devices in the WiFi settings.

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Yes I will try to solve them. Very thanks for you're all testing!

Now the extension is released!

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Congratulations on released your Extension @Kumaraswamy :kissing_heart: :+1:
P.S: I have replaced Extension Development with Extensions


Nice Extension @Kumaraswamy. I'll be using it soon.


Nice extension :slight_smile:



Are you going to tell us where the released version can be found?


Please check the new first post.

post: I will be updating the extension currently because I found some bugs.
post: done

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Your extension is developing very fast and is also getting the best :hugs:


Version 1.1

  • Permanent fix to a bug that crashed app while receiving data
  • Minor changes done.

Please check the new post to download the new extension.