Why we use Variables?

hi so i was reading the topic of

Built In Google Sheets Component for App Inventor

then i found something i couldn't understand in web view they didn't use URL directly but they put it in Variable the put the Variable in webviewer
here's what they did


so i started wondring what's the difference between this
blocks (1)

and this ?
blocks (2)

does one of them better than the other ?
does it provide better performance ? or what ? im talking about all components not just webviewer

They may use this to modify the url easily

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You can search on google about this right

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This is a programmer convention to make life easier for programmers.
Notice how the URL variable name is all in caps?
That’s a secret signal to the programmer and other programmers reading the code that this variable will not change (is constant).
Like PI, for example.

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