Why I can not work with MIT App Inventor on low-end tablets?

Okay, it is official, MIT App Inventor only works on PCs or Computers or on expensive Tablets, or on Apple devices, but no more on cheap Tablets.

This means, that poor people can not learn to Programm on or with MIT App Inventor.

And when someone say something like this, his topic is closed or deleted.

Dankeschön Abraham Gretzler dass du mir gezeigt hast, wie du dich um die kümmerst die programming lernen wollen, nämlich garnicht, ist mal wieder alles nur für die Reichen.

Billigtablets werden blockiert, ist das gerecht?

What exactly is the issue? We support running the companion app back all the way to Android version 2.1. Google doesn't support anything older than 4.0 and seem to be pushing for 5.0 to be the new minimum supported version in their libraries.

The companion is not my problem at the moment, but I can not enter to my main project-selecting-site.

Because your announcement popup blocks the main select site, and the continue button doesn't react...

And I suppose the side displaying problem on the block design part Isn't solved also? And for all this is responsible the Google library version?

Revert your homepage to a Version that works, and then adapt new design things, and wait first until there are no more issues with the version, and then try the next step, Because what you and you developers do, is only to produce waste , and to lost members, and the you say that it is all Google's error.

Why I can enter in all sites in all my browsers, in all my devices, old devices , new devices, (Hyundai, Huawei, Samsung, skyworth(genesis) keen, on my computer, (my old computer, )?

And I mean I was trying all sites, (and I mean all type of sites) and all sites works smoothly, and fast, also on my cheap devices.

But when I enter in the MIT App Inventor site, all my devices, but only the smartphones or tablets get slow, or freeze totally?


just saying, what browser do you use? on those devices?
because that is an important factor.

Google chrome the newest version???, Mozilla Firefox the newest version???

But I tried it with the old version of chrome, and a reinstalled version of Firefox...

All the same result....

Antivate for me a old version from your MIT App Inventor side, like the javabridge, insert the "design library" to use the layout arangements things and only the parts that i use in my app, and we are clean... That I can work again... So I can learn finally without other things that disturb my concentration, and stole place from my display.... (A learning version of MIT App Inventor if you want to name it so) so I can learn, and you have time to solve the (library) problems in your main Homepage?

Is this a deal for you ?

Show us screenshots from your mobile device showing any problems you encounter.

Login - popup with anouncements of new coding or programming challenges on MIT App Inventor... On the bottom the continue button... And then the site freezes... It is not possible to make any screenshot when the site is frozen....

If you are able to click "continue" and then the app freezes, it may be due to issues with your project. It is possible that there are errors in it that prevent the project from loading.

Try to visit the website from this link. It turns off automatic project loading.


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then take a picture of the monitor with cell phone?

It works

Why I must buy a cellphone only to make a screenshot? Read my text, understand and you will understand. Because this your homepage must work, anyway when I m in the city or on a tree in South Africa, just by taking this brute example. I was working in Computer Support too, and when a old lady calls me to fix her computer, there I must be able to work with the informations that she gives me.... Excuse me please the brute responding...

Previously you mentioned, you have the following devices...

just take one of those to take a picture...

Which means, you know yourself very well, that the more information you can provide, the more likely a problem can be identified and fixed


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I have an i3 laptop with 2 GB of ram but I am so passionate for app development. So I decide to install and use Android Studio for this purpose.
However, the moment I open Android Studio, it hangs my laptop.
Now I am going to sue Google for not making its development IDE compatible with my device.
Wish me luck since I was inspired by you.



That problem with Android Studio I was having long time ago, and I was not finding a site that haves a version that works, so I searched for other ides to programming with...

But the only one that works on tablet is MIT App Inventor, and it is the only one that converts it's projects to really usable apks, because this I m so interested to work with this, because now I have only this tablets, and all my last money is gone for this Tablet, this is my last chance to learn programming.... And I will not change the programming engine no more, until I make my apps that I need, and until I work with them.

Because this Im so interested to improve MIT App Inventor until it works perfectly, because this engine have a future....

"Wish me luck since I was inspired by you."

Thanks, it was a pleasure, and by the way,... greetings to my uncle, he is a "von Brandenstein - Siemens " and are I think a CEO there....

Ok, if it works, then the problem is in your last project. Regardless of the device used, when a project is damaged, App Inventor will have trouble loading it. When we have solved 1 problem, create a new project and show us another problem that prevents work on your device.

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Ok, now we have the old problem, that I mentioned before, from this you have all Screenshots, the half displaying display in the designer view, and also the block designer view... There I think is no needed more info from my side.

Only one cuestion, is there a solution on the way?

It would be rather difficult for anyone to find it. Link these screenshots, or share new ones here since you have already started a new topic.
Write specifically what interferes with your work and support it with a screenshot.

I'm sorry if I missed anything, if you already have a old computer, then why dont you use App Inventor on it, rather than on the tablet?

Also it's a hard fact just like many other heavy websites, it's not completely feasible to provide the best user experience for small displays since they are all primarily designed for big screens.