Why http://rendezvous.appinventor.mit.edu/ is down?

As nice as this URL is for capacity planning, I wonder if there a URL I could query for a more fine grained history, like hourly totals.

I ask because I have seen reports of Companion disconnection, and experienced it myself.

I don't know yet if it might be caused by any of

  • battery saver kicking in on my device
  • peak capacity surge at MIT
  • behind the scenes server juggling at MIT
  • competition for hash codes for rendezvous requests

If any one has a good link for this, I would like to add it to


The Rendezvous server is only involved in connection initiation. Once the Companion and your browser are in contact, it has no continuing role. So if you get disconnected once connected, the problem is not the Rendezvous server.

What is the name of the ISP that is blocking the Rendezvous server? I may be able to contact them to find out why they put the block in place. I suspect that they saw some number of their customers connecting to it (meaning they are using App Inventor) and assumed it is a malware command and control server!



Thank you for the response.

In light of that, and because the majority of my Companion disconnections happen to my phone, and rarely to emulated Companions, I am leaning towards blaming my phone' s battery saver settings for Companion disconnections.


I'm curious. Do the disconnections happen with a legacy connection or the non-legacy (WebRTC) connection or both?

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This is an Android 8.1 system notification using WebRTC I just started receiving.

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I just tested using a default WebRTC connection, and let my phone's battery saver lock it.
No disconnection.

I haven't used a legacy connection for weeks.

I'm on the Eastern US seaboard so things are quiet here.

I lack enough data to see a pattern yet.

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It happens randomly and on both connections. Btw my isp now unblocked this and now my companion works fine.

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