Why http://rendezvous.appinventor.mit.edu/ is down?

I am unable to connect to companion because of this server: http://rendezvous.appinventor.mit.edu/ is it down for me or for everyone?

Upload the AIA file and check your internet connection..

  1. There isn't any need for aia file.
  2. If my internet was down then how will I be able to message here.

There is just a label inside my new app. My aia can reveal my email so I won't upload it here.

Remove your email and upload it. We need it because the server is working here.

Screenshot 2022-03-25 111434

Works fine for me

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Do you have any large files uploaded there?

nope just my device can't reach http://rendezvous.appinventor.mit.edu/ server it shows connection timed out

Check by restarting your browser.

Don't you think I already tried it?

I don't think so!

It works fine for me too but on mobile data it doesn't works on wifi. seems like isp is doing something fishy.

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Then you have to contact your ISP about that, until then, connect your mobile network with USB cable.

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Actually my isp has blocked this ip:

Wait why did you leak your IP address?

It isn't mine, this is the ip of http://rendezvous.appinventor.mit.edu/ server.

So, your ISP unblocked it?

It's very simple thing that my isp has blocked this ip and I never said that they unblocked it.

you didn't understand my sentence. i said they unblocked it now?

I agree, working fine for me also.

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