Why does this happen? (runtime error message: "No group 4")

RandomGeneratorV2.aia (1.4 MB)

The issue I have is on screen7, the bug happens infrequently when i do the following:
Turn on signs switch with any other switch except for letters only, and then click get password button. The image shows the bug and I do not have the slightest idea why this happens, because if you turn on letters only switch and add the length of password and then click get password it will never happen. And by the way this doesn't always occur, only once in a while so you might want to spam click the button.


You need to show the relevant blocks for Screen7 (and any other screens that may impact on this). No-one has the time to trawl through your project looking for the problem.

Oh right I'm so sorry that is my mistake I will add the blocks right away

I Think this might be helpful

My money is on this:



This is wonderful!

You have stumbled upon the very same text replacement bug as another user who tried to use '$' in a text replacement operation.

Two people in a day, after no reports for years.

DO not allow any '$' in your text replacement fragments.
You have one in that global list.

Well thank you very much sir

What a strange coincidence