Replace certain letters by $ symbol

In order to correctly display the letter s in a special font within a linguistic app, I need to replace all the letters s by the well-known $ symbol. Unfortunately, I always get an error message. The app works fine though when I change the $ symbol into any other letter or symbol. Is there a useful workaround for this problem? Thank you in advance.

Try "escaping" the dollar sign with a \


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It works! You’re awesome; thank you very much!

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Vielen Dank, Anke!

I've made a note for someone to fix this here:

Well done, thanks a lot!

Would the number '5' work for you?
That would avoid the bug and its workaround bandage.

The problem has already been solved thanks to TIMAI2’s fabulous suggestion.
Thank you nonetheless!

Here is another workaround that should be immune from future changes to the inner workings of that replace block:


Great idea! Thank you very much!

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