Why do I have an error in Yandex translation?

I want to auto-translate into all languages, all work, but I have errors in one label. Error 2202 Request translation.

btchat.aia (86.7 KB)

It is working to me

OR does it address your concern, mean this is formated correctly

It seems to be wrong

French, German, Japanese and Russian work, the rest should work too
No, I don't have translation errors, I have a strange label in lblresult

I can do that and fix my app but maybe it's better to fix this bug.

Which one?


Thanks you! Everythin are working :grinning:

btchat_dark (1).aia (89.7 KB)

I have a bug on Samsung Galaxy S3 but it works on my Huawei and I have problems with lblresult translation, because the translation does not change my lblresult result only change my translate button

I can see YT17.GotTranslation but where is corresponding YT17.RequestTranslation in provided .aia file, since you are showing us YT16.RequestTranslation. Shall I need to search it in some hidden blocks or it should be under Screen1.Initialize block only.

Yes, I did mistake in that, but now on my second device doesn't work app(Samsung Galaxy S3)? How to fix it?

As you said it looks to be device specific issue, concerning YT, maybe troubleshooting can be useful to you, it is also related to OS as I can see refrence to [ Unofficial: Android 11 "Red Velvet Cake" via LineageOS](Samsung Galaxy S III - Wikipedia)

PS: I don't have great knowledge to this device.

I use on Sansung Galaxy S3 version without translations and all work, actually other devices work with translations

I want to do swipe, but this isn't working.

It is different issue, I would suggest to continue with new topic. Thanks

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