Which Layout instead of TableArrangement?

Dear Experts
I refer to this link

Where I was trying to show data from CSV but when I tried to use copy paste in TableArrangement then every thing was ruined.

I asked by google and come to know there are many problems with TableArrangement. I want to display data like this format


I want to ask which Layout should I use to display data like above format?
Which and how much layout should I use?
Should I use many separate horizontal layouts for every table row?

Please guide me.


Use this:

Sir actually I want to drop textboxes into table cells and then show data into those textboxes.

You said this

If you want to use an alternative to a table arrangement, then construct it from vertical and horizontal arrangements placing your textbox components inside these.

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Yes Sir I want to show data from CSV but in layout like table.

How many is many Tariq?

In my opinion, this is a very bad idea with more data...


Sir in above image there are 4 columns and 4 rows.
so my question is should I use 4 HorizontalLayouts then every layout will hold 4 contents.
Or there will any other method?


Herewith an example using labels

makeATableLayout.aia (1.6 KB)



Here is an example of how to make a table display when you know exactly how many rows and columns you will have:

Thanks sir it helped me very much.

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