Where to download working Bluetooth classic extension without permission problems

How did it go with Bluetooth classic and the permission problems with Android 12 and up. Is it possible to download a working module and if so where can I find it?

Not interested in BLE only Classic!

New with App Inventor!

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Hello is there any body there ?
No one intrested in the solution for this!?

Ola in Sweden

In general, the AddressesAndNames block will raise a permission issue if the permission hasn't been granted on Android 12+, in which case you should handle that error. However, I've seen many examples where people use this block in the BeforePicking event of a ListPicker. Unfortunately, because this event happens during a UI transition to a new activity, the permission request dialog is lost in the mix.

If you are using the technique the ListPicker, then I would advise you to ask for permissions earlier in your app's execution.

We are working on a longer term solution but it will take some time to implement.

Thank you for your ..._test2.aia. I'm not really good at this. I try your solution by the Companion connection. I can se my BT but when click on my BT device nothing happens at all.

I have my Arduino solution up and going and I can connect without any problem to serial apps like "Arduino Bluetooth control" and "Bluetooth terminal" and den send receive serial data. The apps don't have any problems with security and so on.

Your topic is about permission problems, not about connecting ...
(And there should be no more permissions problems, neither with Companion nor with the APK.)

So this is only a window to see my available units? Not able to click for connection!?

Of course it is. However, to do this you must first use one of the BluetoothClient.Connect blocks.

OK thanks :slight_smile: I'm so distracted... Now I have everything set up including your "blocks" and then I can connect via my own list view. Can also send data to the device.
Thank you very much :slight_smile: Now it's just a matter of working on with the horizon in sight... I hope.

How can I get your "GetApiLevel1" into my other experiment monitor designs? Now I built further in your BTclient_test2.aia.

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Many thanks :slight_smile: Will see if I manage to achieve the same as in your app. Again, many thanks for the support to sluggish me... :slight_smile:
Wish you a nice day!

Does anyone have a free Bluetooth control that can see nearby devices and connect to them without them having already been paired with the phone?
I've seen Taifun's control that can do this, but it's not free.

Have you searched the entire catalog of extensions? If there is no extension you need, it probably doesn't exist.

yes, my bluetooth extension can do it :partying_face:

what about writing another bluetooth extension yourself and providing it for free to the community? More information about how to create an extension see the App Inventor Extensions document , however that will be more advanced and will require some Java skills...

And some thoughts from @Italo

You can start learning all you need to learn to do it, then do it, after long days of trying things, testing and failing, all in your spare time, leaving other things you like to do for this.
Then after all that time and intellect invested, just give it out for free so everyone can make money with it except you.
Sounds awesome right? :thinking:



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