How I could draw lines with arrows at the ends

Yes, you are right and I understood that.
Anyway, I started another project, but I don't see how I could draw lines with arrows at the ends. There is no LineStartCap, LineEndCap, etc. like in C#.
Here is my project:
Drawing1.aia (510.9 KB)


You could start by initializing global variables to 0 .

Empty sockets are an error.

Also, read the chapter on procedures in
particularly the part about procedure parameters.


Drawing1 (1).aia (512.0 KB)

Maybe this can be useful to you:

Here's just the arrows part:

global x
global y
Sample run

arrows.aia (2.4 KB)


If we wanted arrows at both ends of the line, both pointing away <---> ?

Do one arrow pointing in the opposite point order to the first order, so one overlaps the other.

arrows.aia (3.1 KB)
Sample run2