Where did the translation go?

hello, i don’t know if this is the place …
but here, I am not very English-speaking, on the old forum there was a possible translation of each message. Now in the new forum, I don’t see it anymore? or she disappeared? :frowning:
Sans titre

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You need to use Google Translate:

Google Translate

yes I use :wink:
but it is much easier to have it just below than to go back and forth with gooogle translate


Agreed :grinning:

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Discourse (community software) doesn’t support Translations as default. However App Inventor team can install a translator plugin to this forum. It will display a globe icon next to the post when installed.


I accept your proposal, and thank you for taking into account this option which can serve everyone.
thanks again.

In Chrome in the address bar on the right has a translator button that translates the entire page.

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sorry i don’t have chrome, i’m on firefox, i have a translation tab on the page (it’s google besides) but it doesn’t work on the forum.

I have started to get the hang of automatic translation using Google Translate for this forum.

If you select “options”, and tick “always translate”, then select the languages to translate from/to, from then on Google Translate will automatically translate pages in that language.

Sometimes you may have to copy text and go to the google translate page to find out the language.

With further testing, it only remembers the last language selected :frowning:

yes, I happen to do it, only if you do it the links are dead, you have to reload the original page.
while the old system is very practical, flexible to use. Too bad that for an evolution, we go through a regression.

Is it possible to integrate an automatic translator as it was in the old forum?
Or did I just not find it?
It was very practical.

As yusufcican indicates [quote=“yusufcihan, post:5, topic:1542, full:true”]
Discourse (community software) doesn’t support Translations as default. However App Inventor team can install a translator plugin to this forum. It will display a globe icon next to the post when installed.

a language translator is possible. MIT has not yet decided whether they want to pay to automatically use GoogleTranslate services.

Yes a translator plug in for the Forum is possible; MIT has not implemented it. Funding for providing that ability is probably an issue since translation is possible using other methods. Some users recommend using the translate facility in Chrome; others to copy and paste text using GoogleTranslate. Both options awkward but usable. When large users use GoogeTranslate (instead of individuals), Google expects to be paid.

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Hello, I am delighted with your request, I made the same request,
where did the translation go?,
because juggling between pages is cumbersome, moreover I cannot translate the whole page, the google translator blocks, while on other forums it does very well. did you say evolution?
to answer a: SteveJG yes but before the forum did it (see above)?
wait wait wait …

FYI, I’ve modified the Discourse Translator plugin, so that it supports Yandex Translator, which is free.
The PR is under review yet, as I’ve submitted it right now. If don’t like to wait, just clone my fork.

Maybe it could be installed here to provide translations?

PS: Don’t learn Ruby; it’s weird, ugly and cannot be understood. I went mad working with it. :laughing:


thank you for your proposal, I went through the github and the post a bit, I didn’t quite understand the installation. can you be more specific, thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

This has to be installed by MIT, then you can use it :slight_smile:

ok, will it be installed?

There is another option. This forum has its own application. An icon appeared at the top to install the “Mit App Inventor Community” application. I have installed and have a browser-independent forum and google translation. Links work.

I’m on win, not on an application?
or I didn’t understand everything (excuse me, google translates)
can you show me how you did it?
thank you for reading.

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Discourse team approved and merged the PR, so you can use Yandex now for free as community translator:

Ping @ewpatton @jis