Where are the files stored?

In which mobile phone folder are the files stored?
Look at the block below. The application works normally. It creates the savefile.txt file. When I search for savefile.txt in file explorer it is nowhere to be found.
(on Android 13, Samsung A52s)

Where is it stored?
I also give you the application to see it and please tell me.
Save_and_read.aia (2.1 KB)

We have already told you about this. If your device is android 10 +, then you file is saved to your ASD. Such files will only be available within your app, or using a file manager that has permissions to view the ASD of other apps

You can set the file scope to shared to save it in shared storage instead

See also Some basics on Android storage system

And Storage


For example?
I have tried total comander , File Manager+
But none of them work

any example please?

If FileScope = App it is saved in the ASD on all Android versions.

Could I have a complete example?
That is, put the block above in aia file so I can download it and see how it works

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I'm still waiting for you to tell me which file explorer has permissions to view the ASD

I told you in the other topic in which you raised this issue.

Please give me an answer, I am very frustrated and ready to give up on everything.
It is very important that I find a solution
I have made an application that stores text and pdf files on the mobile phone. I need a file explorer to view these files to email them later.
You told me about the total commander, but as I showed you in the photos, it does NOT see them.
please help

How about listing these text and pdf files from the ASD (via a ListViewer or ListPicker) and then sharing them via email this way?

So, from what I understand there is no file explorer that does this.
And how do I do what you say? In the same application or in some other one that will only read the files that are in the asd
directory, where can I choose the one I want if I send it to the email?

This is all you need:

because the Sharing component needs an absolute path.

In the same application that creates the pdf files or in another one?


If pdf files were created by other apps, then they should first be moved/copied to a (sub)folder of one of the two shared folders (/Download or /Documents).