Where are the files stored?

And how can this be?

By just doing it. If it's about apps that you have no control over, then I ask the question, why should the user share such files (via your app via email)?

"should first be moved/copied to a (sub)folder of one of the two shared folders (/Download or /Documents)"
i mean how will i do?

I understood that. So answer my question as to whether you have control over the other apps yourself or whether they are third-party apps. And if so, why would your users want to share such PDF files?

I did exactly the same.
It comes out in the list of the archive files correctly.
But after clicking on the name, it only shares the name and not the file! I want to share the file. How can this be ?
Look at the file I'm giving you and make any necessary changes.
Save_and_read_ASD_list.aia (7.3 KB)

See post #17.

How about you read my answers carefully and answer my questions before I have to repeat everything?

Sorry, I made a mistake in the block.
Now I put the correct one and it works!

Only I have control over the applications and no one else.
I created the list of files that are in the ASD folder and by selecting it it does a sharing as you showed me above and thank you very much! :grinning:
What I still want is that the selected file can be moved or copied to another folder for example shared /documents so that later I can see it with a file explorer. :pray: :pray: :pray:
This can be done?

Of course. Use the File component or one of the File extensions from @Taifun or @vknow360.

A little help, how will it be done with the File component?
Where will I find the File extensions from @Taifun or @vknow360?

And one last question
I have moved to the directory /Documents/ the file newsave2.txt.
I want to share it but I can't. Look at the blog, where is the mistake?

And again:

No, No
I do NOT want to share files from the ASD folder(I understood this how it is done :grinning:), but from the mobile folder
Main storage/Documents/newsave2.txt
I mean from path

I found it

Anke ,Sie waren sehr hilfreich. Vielen Dank fuer alles ! :grinning:

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Fine, then please close the topic by clicking on Solution on the best answer.

I thought everything was working fine.
Via connect->AI companion the following app works 100% on my mobile.
But when I create the application (.apk) and I install it on my mobile, it gives me an error message


See the blocks of the application which, as I said above, works on my mobile phone 100% Via connect->AI companion

I give you to see the relevant files

ctreate_Pdf_share_fromASD_Copy_to__Documents.aia (12.5 KB)

Where is the mistake? Why is it not possible? The blocks work 100% correctly! What should I do? Please help. Thanks