Where are canvas files saved to by default when using the block call-Canvas.SaveAs?

Hello, I'm working on a very basic app that allows drawing lines on a Canvas and saving the drawing as an image file (after asking the user for a file name). I'm teaching APP INVENTOR for teenagers in high school and wanna teach them how this app works.

I'm using the blocks call...Notifier.ShowTextDialog to ask the user for the file name and call...Canvas.SaveAs to save the file. I have two questions:

  • does the user (when asked for a file name) have to type .jpg (or else) at the end of the file name?
  • where does the block call...Canvas.SaveAs save files to by default? I mean, in which folder/directory/etc are the drawing files saved?

Note. I've read already some threads about "how to make a Canvas drawing show in Gallery" and the like, but it didn't help. I'm only asking where the file is saved to in the cellphone. I would just like to check out if the file is there and if the file is saved as .jpg or other filetype, and tell my students. I'm still learning APP INV and would like to do it w/o Taifun or other tools, just with AI2 for Android 13.

Maybe there's an AI2 Guide where I can find out how those blocks work, but I'm a total newbie to APP INV, suggestions are welcome.

Thanks a lot everyone for reading :slight_smile:

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In the ASD - application specific directory


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Where is the ASD on the phone? Can you reach it with Android "Files" app? I've read that files are saved to the external card, but still can't find them.

Take a look here: