When I install new extensions I constantly get errors

I am trying to add an extension (UrsAI2Notifier) to my app. As soon as I drag and drop on the screen I get the following error.


I have checked my blocks but cannot see what the issue is as my app is fully functional. Can any one help?

Hello John

You should not have Companion running when installing an extension.

Hi Chris thank you for your prompt reply. By Companion, Do you mean I should not be connected by usb to my mobile device?

Thanks again

Thanks Chris, I worked it out. Im still very much a newby.

Cheers John

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When you upload a new extension, always exit the companion and reconnect.

Unfortunately, this error is quite major, and not as simple as first believed. I have had my app with a number of extensions working in a consistent manner on my mobile connected via usb. All of a sudden out of the blue it has stopped working and displays the very error I displayed above. But I hadn't changed any blocks or added any other extensions or done anything. Overnight the working project just stopped functioning.

Now interestingly, I created a new project, which some how created its own error, to which i added "what i was doing at the time" creating a new project.

The new project appeared, with a blank layout, no blocks and no extension. I imported all the extensions first, then added components/elements to the screen layout. I connected to the mobile via USB and it worked fine. I disconnected the USB as advised and then added an extension to the screen layout. As soon as I attempted to connect to the mobile via USB the very same error above occurred.

Its getting very frustrating and difficult to trust, or rely on app inventor, If there is no reliability of basic functionality.

Sorry to be a little stern, but I have spent many hours on this project, It was working fine with the extensions and now it will not.

Are you able to use wifi to connect to your device ?

Thanks for responding so quickly, I am currently and have been using hot spot on my mobile and using my laptop to connect to the internet, I then use the USB connection to the mobile. No wifi involved.

Could work, but sounds like there could be some circular activity in there?

Can you elaborate a little bit further. Incase there is some thing I am missing.

I have ensured the mobile is not connected when I add the extension, but as soon as I make the connection it just errors out.

If I read you correctly, you have setup a wifi hotspot on your mobile, and you use this to connect your laptop to the internet, then you connect the same mobile via USB to run the companion, via USB ?

Now you put it like that, I am using wifi, so the answer is yes. But it has been working perfectly for months. And at least a month with all the extensions that I added,

upload your aia here

I will look into that, but I am presuming that is an extension. But am happy to give it a try though, thanks you for your advice.

Just realised its an app that needs to be on my mobile, will see if I can get it going. Thanks again.

Now I get the following Error having installed the aia project to delete files


Mmmmm very frustrating!!!

Ok here is an update, I restarted my mobile, closed the browser and the starterai. Then restarted the starterai, ran the basic project, with nothing in it, blocks or extensions, except a few basic screen elements and the mobile device displays the elements. Soon as I ran the 'delete' project it errored out immediately.

[quote="John_Henderson, post:16, topic:75837"]
This is the one that does not work

No issues with USB connection (nor WiFi).

lol no, as I say it works fine without extensions added, soon as they are added it fails to work as I tried with the delete assets project. Im wondering could it be a google chrome issue??? I dont know, Im just guessing now!!!