When i go from screen 1 to screen 2 my app crashes

Well that function was tested as working before release, so I can make a simple example for you - but I think it's the wrong component to use - I think a ListPicker would be better suited.

your code is probably wrong . The Spinner works properly. How you use the Spinner.DisplayDropdown is possibly the issue.


Use a 'Selection' option for the first spinner item to avoid issues known to be part of the Spinner design. The Selection will be part of the Spinner Menu but will not do anything other than force a user to select one of the other items, triggering an event.

i will surely try this & inform about the behavior of my app.. thanks

Hi Neelam - separate subject. All your images need to be optimised for Android, to ensure the App will run on other phones.

When you have time:

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Take a quick look at the ListPicker component - it's what you should be using rather than a Spinner. It still has a "Menu" Button and is easy to work with.

@Shobha_Singhal your spinner issue is already discussed in detail in your other thread

it does not help very much to discuss the same issue in 2 different threads, does it?


Hi Taifun, that is my fault as much as Neelam's. Too much haste :innocent:


  1. Cup of Tea
  2. Try the attached Project in the Companion or as an APK. It shows how to use the ListPicker and I think you will like it.

ListPickerMethod.aia (15.3 KB)

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thanks @ChrisWard

this is working great !! thanks @ChrisWard for helping me solve .. as well as thanks to @SteveJG for helping me reach success!!
thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @ChrisWard
As you know that i was unable to install your SOS app on a redmi phone so i installed it on a samsung phone & here's what i noticed
your app does show that msg is sent to all but its actually not.. it does the same like my SOS does.. it frames the msg.. u can check yourself too that after clicking on SOS check the numbers that is any msg is sent or not (i think we can't send the msgs directly using MIT app inventor) ... and your app do not saves the contact names & their no.s .... it saves only the name of the user.
i made some changes myself after noticing this but still its saving only 1st contact's name & no. not that of all
thanks & regards

Hi Neelam

I can assure you that the App was working correctly - tested it with the help of my family. All messages were sent, verified on other's phones and in 'MyMessages' on my phone. If it does not work for you it maybe that you need to increased the time between each message sent.

Sometimes, unfortunately, if the User had not moved far enough from their original Location, the address sent was "no address available". SteveJG explained why that can happen generally but to get a good result, as we did, in our area should mean you can get good results in most Urban areas. All down to the quality of the satellite signal.

Certainly the list of recipients/phone numbers is saved. So I think you are not referring to my App example but to your copy of the code in your App? There is a subtlety with TinyDb. Notice that there are, for ease of use, two TinyDb's. Each has a namespace that matches's it's name. If they have the same namespace name, that could be the source of your saving problem. Check each TinyDb's Properties Pallette.

Concerning the Redmi, we have had a number of Students on our old Forum who have been using that make without any issues. Does it have a 3rd Party Antivirus App? Perhaps that might be blocking. Or perhaps the phone is near the memory allocation limit for Apps? I have that issue all the time on an Alcatel - have to remove an App (or two) to install another.

thank you very much @ChrisWard & one thanks to your family members too for helping me out.. i just kept my point ... i told what i noticed
i will once surely check again & do as you said.. maybe its an issue in my device only
i don't know about what's happening to my device but i will surely do as directed

ok thank you very much
i will see to it

Remember - test as an APK, not Companion.

ya sure.. i will test again as an APK

One of my test devices is also a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Android 9).
@ChrisWard's SOS app is installed without any issues.

Thanks for testing Anke - any idea what could prevent an install?

yes.. i installed it on samsung galaxy m30se & xiaomi Redmi note 7 pro without any issues..i think these are memory issues preventing the install