Whats the difference between a button with an image vs. a clickable image?

Perhaps the button has some built-in padding, but unsure if there’s any difference.

Do these components have different abilities?

Why not do some testing and report back ?

In short:

They are different components so they have difference properties and behaviours
They both present a clicked event
Click feedback from button component in Classic theme

My memory may be wrong, but I recall that the main argument at the time for adding the clickable functionality to the Image was that Images could be rotated but Buttons could not. Of course, Buttons have other things that can be done, such as applying text or feedback.

I see clickable images crashed in Android version 7 (or maybe in my old phone :slight_smile: )
Do you know this or it’s a problem of my old smartphone?
It’s important to know because lot of people still use smartphone with that version of Android.
Thanks for answers

probably because you used a lot of images without reducing its size?
see also tip 2 here

without further information or a screenshot of your relevant blocks we only can guess...
does it also happen with only one clickable image?


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HI Taifun, it crashed at initialize…as it can’t decode the type of images.
I use 5 clickable JPG images, dimension 374x349 (from 4 to 9 KB size)…here an example.
In my Android 10 smartphone all correct, in my old phone it can’t decode and after some attempts app crashes.
Stanza 1 (rettangolare)

your old device most probably runs into an out of memory issue, see again tip 2
what exactly means "after some attempts"?
what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?
to find more about the reason, why the app crashes, you can use logcat