What's the code? Please help

Hello, my name is Ben and I've been stuck on this assignment for about a week now. My teacher hasn't given me the help that I need in completing it. In short, the assignment is to create an area calculator that allows you to add a base and height, then select if you want the area to be a triangle or rectangle. I'm adding the teachers description of whats required + the "look" of the app. Please help if you can, thank you.

CalcAreaAPP.aia (3.8 KB)

You need a reset Button and....try it with the blocks...follow the instructions you have...procedure to calculate the area of a triangle and other one to calculate the area of the rectangle. The base and the height must be taken from the text boxes and then display the result.

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Thank you for the help! What should I do next?

Start by creating the procedures with the areas formulas, taken the values from the textBoxes

I'm fairly new to this, could you possibly show me how to create one?

You try it...it's your homework. Look at the mathematical blocks and create the formula within the procedure. You have to obtain the base and height from the textBoxes. Some pieces you will need:


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from online book:
from FAQ