What is YOUR opinion about ML Kit in App Inventor? [GSoC-22 Proposal Feedback]

Hi Everyone,

I'm Preet and I want to participate in this Google Summer of Code, for this I need your opinion and feedback on my proposal ML Kit in App Inventor.

Here is the link of the proposal...

Origin of Idea

The idea for the proposal is taken from Prof. @hal's response to the Cloud Vision at App Inventor. Google Docs Link, Extension Link.

Please share your feedback or comment on proposal if you have any other ideas related this feel free to share, specially need feedback from @powerusers, @MIT.

Specially thanks to @hal for project idea, @ewpatton for guiding to make proposal, @oseamiya and @Know_About_IT for finding correct dependencies to build demo App.


@powerusers, @MIT
I am really sorry for tagging you all one more time but I really want your feedback and comments.

This is also a great Proposal and will help a lot of students learning ML. I tried your apk and it worked.


@Peter thank you.

You know what it brings on-device machine learning experience, it does not require internet connection.


@preetvadaliya this is really cool. Is it implemented? Is there a way we can use this extension?

@Adam_Brown sure DM me I will share the project and extension with you.