Google Cloud Vision

Google Cloud Vision with App Inventor

About Extension:

A non-visible component for Google Cloud Vision that allows developers to easily integrate vision detection features within applications, including image labeling, face and landmark detection, optical character recognition (OCR), and tagging of explicit content.


  1. Google Cloud account with enabled CLOUD VISION API.
  2. Google Cloud CREDENTIAL API key.


Error Occurred

Event raised when error occurred.

Handwriting Detected

Event raised when hand writing text detected from image.

Logo Detected

Event raised when logo detected.

Text Detected

Detect and extract text from image using optical character recognition (OCR).

Detect Hand Writing

Detect and extract hand writing from image using optical character recognition (OCR).

Detect Logo

Detects popular product logos within an image.

Detect Text

Detect and extract text from image using optical character recognition (OCR).



Your Google Cloud credential API key.

Download Link

GoogleCloudVision.aix (14.9 KB)


Remember Google Cloud Vision is free for the first 1000 calls every month.

@Peter thank you for this information, actually I also didn't know about that.

This extension is just fun time activity, we can add more cloud vision functionality also.

You can have 1000 label detection, 1000 text detection, 1000 logo detection, etc for free every month. So for testing this should be sufficient.


BTW, what is Google Cloud Vision ? :sweat_smile:
Please explain in simple words.

why not look it up yourself:

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Hi is anybody in this group already implemented it?

I am looking for a sample code, please help.

hello, do you have any example how to use this extension. i try it and didn't work

did u make it ?

It works for me but for the first API call only. For the next one, I have to regenerate an API key and restart the application

Thank you so much for this extension, is working really good. Could be possible to add another block for detecting objects in the image? would be really usefull, thanks!