What Is This Error? Need Help ASAP

Hi! Im A Student And Am Reaching Out In Need Of Some Help.

I Am Trying To Get An Above Level Grade, And So Instead Of TinyDB, I Tried Using CloudDB. However, Even Though My Code Looks Good (And Makes Sense), I Keep Getting This Error: (The operation add items to list cannot accept the arguments: , [], [/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/DA5645C1-278E-46ED-8911-A1B93C85880F/Documents/AppInventor/AI_20221208115800.jpg |

Here Is My Code:

Can Anyone Tell Me The Problem And What The Solution Is (Example Code Is Appreciated)!

PS: Only Cloud Script Is By Me. Everything Else Is From The "Tour Guide" MIT App Inventor Guide.


Just to confirm that the error you're seeing happens after you take the picture?

Yes. Only After The 2nd One Though @ewpatton

Hmm. My gut feeling here is that because in your getDBData procedure you return an empty string ("") rather than an empty list, and this is causing the global photoList to be a value unacceptable to the add items to list block. Try fixing that and then reload your project to reset everything to a more sane state.

I Have Tried Empty List As Well, Still Throws Same Error (Or Its Another Error Cant Remember), But Still Throws Out An Error. @ewpatton. Any Other Ideas? Thanks!

I Think There Was Some Other Error That It Could Not Write To The List. Still Need Help @ewpatton. Thanks! (Also, I Cant Really Remember So That Error May Be Wrong).

Wait @ewpatton I Just Tested This On An Android Emulator. This Is What Happened:
I Got This. However, I DID Make The Change You Told Me To:

Any Other Leads/Ideas?


Struggling To Understand This A Bit. Sorry! @ABG.

EDIT: Tried What I Understood, Still Same Error. From My Understanding, It Is Failing To Save The Picture To The CloudDB

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

you are storing a number, not a list.

What The MIT Tour Guide Told Me. Also, It SETS The Image As The global photoList.

Heres The .aia

TourGuide_template_copy_010.aia (667.2 KB)


what tour guide?
You need to have your own understanding, not just copy the blocks.

The Official Tour Guide MIT App Inventor Book. YK, For The Project. The Student Guides?


Also, I Do Have An Understanding, Hence Why I Am Experimenting With CloudDB

Whats The Problem?

Also, It Seems It Is Failing To Save The 2nd Image I Take. First One Goes Without A Problem.

And It Saves The Image AS The Var

the problem is the guide is wrong.
at least two places which ABG and I have mentioned previously.

Could You Specify What Two Are Wong And Correct Them? (Cause I'm Just A Student And + Would Be Easier Than Scrolling Back Up Cause I Am Confiused On The Corrections You Made). Also, Please Explain In Detail (I.E What To Move, What To Change, Where To Put It, etc.). Thanks! @Kevinkun @ABG

and why you capital every word?

This should fix the prob.? @Kevinkun

Still getting the same error:

(Using iOS - iPhone 12)

@ABG @Kevinkun