What is the Max number of screens that can be used in a app to be able to still publish the app

So im making this app that i want to eventually upload to the app store but my teacher said that there is a certain number of screens that you have to have or have less of for it to work so is there a max limit to how many screens you can have it would be really helpful to know


As far as I know, the screen limit you can have is 10 screens

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Ok thanks!

Please read this :

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Note: It is recommended not to use more than 10 screens. However, it is possible.

Hello Lindy

If your App needs 10 screens, it could be your approach to writing the App is wrong. For example, I have seen people write Quiz Apps and they have used an image and a set of questions on each screen, when for that scenario only one screen is needed.

For very sophisticated Apps, it's still difficult to hit that 10 screen limit but if it is genuinely necessary, using Virtual Screens is often the best approach. How do they work? Screen1 is the ‘real’ Screen and device-sized Vertical Arrangements on it are displayed/hidden as required - they are the Virtual screens.

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