What is Error 1101- Unable to get a response with the specified URL?

I have an app already in production that, if installed using AI2 download after a new build , give an [Error 1101- Unable to get a response with the specified URL] dowloading an image. It works perfectly in the app dowloaded by google play.
Please some one could help me? What means error 1101? Why the error occurs only if app isn't installed from Google Play ?

this is a known bug in the Web component, see also here


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Hi there, same issue for my tast app, I'm trying to write some data into a MySQL table with web component and a php file I uploaded on my server
These are my blocks

This is my php file

Any fix ??? THX

See here:

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I have a similar problem, and found that the error text is somewhat misleading:
In my case, the problem was not the URL from the source file, but the local path where I tried to store the file.
Something has changed, and now it will go to the Application Specific Directory. Now you are only allowed to specify the destination file name, but you got this error as soon as you try to specify a "folder" and type a / character in Web .ResponseFileName block.
Hope it helps.

By the way...
I tried all choices of Screen1 DefaultFileScope, but the result was the same.
Could somebody post a link to some documentation where the behaviour of DefaultFileScope is explained?

Imagine that you downloaded a frequently shown picture, and saved to local just once (to save mobile data consumption). When later on you want to display the local picture at an image component (or using an image property of some component) just by recalling the file name, then you will need to figure out what is the path for the ASD at the app user's device (because you will need to indicate the full path+file name).
In my case, I get the ASD path by eliminating the file name from the last part of the full "fileName" reported at download by when Web .GotFile.