Weight vehicle system with navigation

Hi all. I want to do apps that will show navigation based on weight limit of the road. This is commonly for the truck driver to avoid using the forbidden road based on their weight. can anyone give me brief how i would do that? i cannot found any reference to do that . I want the user enter the address, then from the weight which will get from load sensor it will determine which routes will be use with the direction to the destination.

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Some ideas here depending what your highway jurisdiction has available in your area. This discussion involves speed limits of roads; the reasoning may apply also to road weight limit restrictions.

Getting road speed (limits) information Read it all but especially 8 and 9.

Found similar information for highway weight restrictions for some USA roads Compilation of Existing State Truck Size and Weight Limit Laws - FHWA Freight Management and Operations

and for europe EU Road Restrictions – SUPERTRANSPORT

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I have created my own route using my maps google. how i want to use the map to get the direction based on it?

Use the LocationSensor to identify your location using gps.

Use the Map and Navigate components to show places on a map using OpenStreetMap map tiles. You might use the LineString to show segments of roadway with restrictions.


Use the Google Maps various map API's for Google Map Tiles
One example might be Directions API overview  |  Google for Developers
Google Maps Platform 문서  |  Routes API  |  Google for Developers

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