Getting road speed (limits) information

I want to make a navigation app that shows in the bottom left the speed limit for the road. However, I can't see a way to do this ? Is there a way to do this with app inventor ?

A community search returns this:

Try using the search facility (the big magnifying glass top right) when you need to know something, then if that fails, ask a question.

Thanks but that's not what I was asking for, please read what I wrote . @TIMAI2

I did search and that is what I already found but it is not what I am looking for

  • If you are using Google Maps, this might be possible using the Google Map Api. See . The roadway Google Map of your area must have the feature to use the Speedometer. Use the Roads API with a Google Map. When you are successful, please let us know. You will have to access Google Map using the Static Map method probably. Some builders can access Google Maps using a control; App Inventor cannot and must rely on an api and the WebViewer. :cry:

  • if you are using the Map component (OpenStreetMaps) I do not believe this is possible. A clunky work around might be possible using the camera constantly viewing Speed Limit signs. Something like Local image searching bar (Classify or read the contents of road signs)

Thanks @SteveJG I will look more into the documentation of the Google maps api. Although I don't think that works for my area (or atleast I can't get speed limits to show up on the Google maps app on my phone in my area )

Sorry, half asleep :yawning_face:

No problem @TIMAI2. It's just that this is an educational platform and your comment just came across as sort of rude.

It won't be possible without google. You would have to have a huge database of all speed limits. As you can see, even google doesn't have 100% coverage.

Hi Joel.
I built an app that can tell me the speed limit for the road I'm on at the co-ordinates derived from a GPS module. It can then alert me if the speed (from GPS) exceeds the limit.

The speed limit data comes from a database published by the state roads authority. This database contains data on every speed limit sign in the state, including the road name, speed limit, lat & lon and direction facing. That's over 80,000 signs.

So you could see if your own roads authority publishes the same sort of thing.

A totally different approach: my car is equipped with a camera under the rear view mirror. It scans the road for speed limit signs and displays what it sees on my dashboard screen. So, also if there are road works it knows the speed limit.
For App Inventor there are several AI extensions. One of them is object recognition. A fun project would be if you could make your phone capable of detecting road signs and maybe it is possible to also recognize the number on the road sign.

That's a good idea. I might try getting the roads api working first then when there is an area with unknown speed limits it switches to the camera recognition