Webviewer Scrolling


Firstly, I have designed a number of apps in the past with no issue. Thank you.

I just designed one for Tablets. However had a issue with lack of Block choices, under Webviewer.

Please, add a scrollable block, so as people can scroll. To focus scrollable with in the viewer.

Kind regards

Brett Hutton

Hello Brett.......Scrolling is there by default, but it won't scroll if the Screen is set to scroll.

Something like

iframe width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" allowfullscreen="yes"> /iframe

*Removed brackets to show formula.

I am aware of the main page strolling option. But in the past, as a web designer you could disable page scrolling and focus on the window i.e. Iframe webview to allow scrolling by reference to the iframe command.

please, add a block this be used as a reference to Webview tables themselves and not the main page.

So as, when I OPEN blocks and then tap on webview the block will be available to add as a function.

It will work.

Thank you

Bear in mind that a Web View Component is not a fully capable Browser - in fact it's a 'light' version of a Browser and lacks some capabilities.

There is an extension which might deliver on iframe ability:

If the website is your own, you can either make the tables scroll without using an iframe or indeed you could make each table the only element of an HTML file and either have those also on the website or within the App.

Another possibility would be for the App to launch the required site in the Tablet's Browser (Use Activity Starter).