Scrolling screen

Hi guys,
I have a problem with scrolling function on my web app made with MIT.
The page in the site is dynamic and can be very long depending on the moments.
When I open the app and see the page, sometomes happens that I see it until the half or even less and I cannot scroll down unless few pixels. It happens also that if i close app and reopen it again the scroll works fine (but not always).
Can you please tell me if I can fix this thing somehow?

Thanks in advance

Make sure you check Scrollable in the Properties of Screen1.


Hi Gordon, thanks for your quick reply.
Yes the box is checked. What I find strange is that sometimes it works fine and some others not.

Wait a you mean Android app? Or do you mean WebViewer?

I mean an app made witth MIT App Inventor with just one page with an iframe that shows a https site made with Wordpress

Did you use a WebViewer? If you did, set the Height of the WebViewer to fill parent.


That's all I know.

I doesn't change... I tryed also with 100% but nothing

Try to use custom webviewer

Thanks everybody. I will try this!

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Note - a website will not display properly on a smart phone screen unless it has been designed to be mobile friendly.

I know this Chris. The site is responsive and built with an eye (even two) to mobile view. In fact when the scroll works properly, the app fits perfectly my needs. What I dont understand is why sometimes the scroll stops after few pixels. That's the only problem.

could you explain this ? Why use an iframe - this could be the issue.

The webviewer is usually quite happy displaying long pages

Maybe I badly expressed myself. I used the webviewer.

We are going to need the website url to be able to assist further and understand why it is not loading properly.

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A responsive site shouldn't be using iframes, but they are not necessarily causing the issue. The issue is symptomatic of WiFi and Broadband problems. Is there anything else taking up bandwidth? Typically someone watching a movie on a PC or Tablet?

Hi Chris, thanks for reply. i didnt use maybe an iframe. I used what in MIT App is called "Web viewer".
I dont know what was the problem, but actually I resolved it just unchecking the option "Scrollable".
Really I dont know why. Was supposed that that option if ON means you can scroll the screen... by the way, for the moment seems that was the topic.

Hello Giorgio

iFrames are part of the website, they are essentially a web page nested inside another web page. The Web Viewer component, which is defined by Google for Android, is a 'lite' version of a browser. Note though that full-blown browsers on smart phones might also struggle with things like iFrames.

HTML 5, the most recent version of the HTML language that is the backbone of most websites, still supports iFrames and they shouldn't cause issues on nice big PC screens.

Concerning your discovery - if the Screen is allowed to Scroll, a Web Viewer cannot scroll within it - they use the same gesture. So, as you have found, you must disable Screen scroll to allow the Web Viewer to scroll.

That should be unchecked Gordon, and should be applied to the Screen that contains the Web Viewer component, not necessarily Screen1.

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Thanks Chris, now it works properly. I tryed to download the apk and it works fine. A last question. To create push notifications... What can I do? Is there a tut with step-by-step explanations? Consider I'm a dummy in this field and overall for coding...

Thanks a lot for your help!

You would need an extension for Push Notifications.