Webviewer access denied issue

Hi, I have problem with webviewer, I don’t have any issue on Companion and works perfect but when I create the apk. I got either blank screen or Access Denied issue. I used puravida demo application. I tried 3 different way to show the file.

Blank Screen for Button 1

Result for Button 2 (I uploaded the file to the directory)

Blank Screen for Button 3

My Android version is 10. I saw same issue on thunkable. And seems like it is a bug and fixed by thunkable team. https://community.thunkable.com/t/webview-err-access-denied/1868

Is there any budy have an idea what might cause the issue. Thank you

Ok I fix the issue. Somehow, Android is block my access. I just granted through Android settings Apps/YourApp/Permissions/ You will see under Denied “Storage”. Just click that set it Allowed then it is ok.

You should be able to achieve it in-App:



There is no need to do that, even not to ask for READ permission, if you put the html (gif) file in the assets.

Try this:

Note: If your html (gif) should be not in the assets, you can also use an app-specific dierectory and save (download) it there without needing READ permission. In any other case @ChrisWard is correct, you have to ask for READ permission.


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