908 access denied error

I have problem with permission. I did Ask Permission on my Screen1.initialize but I get denied and also when I make through phone settings the permission still denied.

I didn’t had this issue with my earlier version of my app. For that I was just giving the permission when I first start the application. Now even I make the permission through my phone settings or through AskForPermission block doesn’t work on either.

I really appreciate if you can give me some idea about the problem.

Is this the same Project you discussed Webviewer access denied issue?

For someone to even guess at what might be happening you should share more information about this Project, don’t you think?

Hi SteveJG,

No it is not the same issue webviewer works fine now. The issue that I have Accessing the internal storage at the moment. File extension is acting strange sometime it works and sometime don’t. The earlier version was working perfectly fine but I didn’t keep the copy of it :frowning:

I got the error message 908 and some times I got “width and height must be > 0” error end application crashes (When I get this error never works properly).

I know it is not very clear information but the problem is I cannot share the file as there are some confidential information.

This is the error that I get when I open the application through companion

And this is the error when I try to open with my phone

Ok. Understand. Without an example, I doubt anyone can help you. Make an
example without the confidential information that behaves the same way and post. Without knowing how you store or what type of file you store or the storage location, how can you expect anyone to help? It appears you have an issue using a MySQL extension. You might contact the developer.

See your spelling mistake:

change it to: android

or to this:

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Dear Anke,

Thank you very much for this. After working long hours the result is like this.

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Hi SteveJG, It was a silly mistake of mine with spelling. Sorry to waste your time. And thank you very much for your effort to help me. I really appreciate that.

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