Webview not showing Chat

I uses webview to display website that have chat ballon shown in website bottom left which can be showed in mobile browser but view using webview it is not showing the chat ballon (blue in clolor as to screenshot shared).

any help or advise is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Try with webviewextra extension

Thank you for the replied.
I just tried but not successful. May you kindly help. The blocks are as shown:

Ah, you didn't say you were already using the custom webview extension.

Your setup for the custom webview is incorrect. And webviewextra is designed to work with the native webviewer

Thank foryou response.
Does it means I no longer need webviewextra because I am using customwebview ?

If this the case, is there a solution to my facing challenge?


If you want to use custom webview, then setup something like this:


If you want to use webviewextra, then setup something like this:


It is best to remove any extensions and blocks you do not need.

Hi thanks for the good response.
I now successful in using WebviewExtra
Screenshot 2023-09-07 00.05.53

the chat is working:

now I need is to solve how to enable microphone and speaker on webview because when user click the "call us" green button, it need to call from the web just like how it work in chrome.
Any help if this is possible?

Thanks in advance.

You will need to use custom webview for that, search the community for solutions


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Thank you so much for being very helpful to me.
I am able to get the audio working using CustomeWebView and following this

Thank you

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