Web viewer urls?

Hello all!

So I've been working on a basic browser app, but I can't seem to figure out when to use http or https or www, because google goes to the website whichever way you put it. And it seems that that is what causing the bugs and the problems in my web app.
When do you use https, http, and www? And is it better just to look the url up?
link to earlier post-
app with bugs-help!-BrowserApp_Netminderno.9Apps.aia (15.0 KB)
-Working on the bugs now-
BTW @Taifun could you help? I saw that you've helped out with earlier web viewer apps, so I thought I'd add you.

You should use https:// - nearly all websites now use this (apart from MIT Appinventor :wink: )
You can use http:// but it will usually resolve to the https:// version of a website
Using www is just a part of a domain name (in fact it denotes a subdomain e.g.

www.google .co.uk - this will resolve to https://www.google.co.uk

My app inventor site also uses a subdomain:

ai2.metricrat.co.uk which resolves to https://ai2.metricrat.co.uk

Try removing the "ai2." and see what you get :wink:

I have had a look at your project, nothing seems to work as it should, the layout does not work, and none of the buttons display their text:


I suggest you backtrack, and get to a point where the simple basics of using the webviewer works, in conjunction with your list of bookmarks, then start to add the additional functions, testing each as you go. You may want to consider a spinner/listview or listpicker to replace all your buttons....

Thanks, @TIMAI2. I think I have fixed the bugs so far. See this version of it, where I have changed how the bookmarks list and the history list works. I have made it so that if the url in the bookmarks or in the history is in the list already, it won't add it again. This isn't ideal for the history part, (still workin'), but for now it isn't adding your URL every 5 sec. to the history list. I found that this made it lag after a while since there are like 20 duplicates of each URL when I used the previous URL. I still have runtime errors happen like this (screenshot below) every time I choose something from a list. I don't know why that is, but it happens. This is the newer updated version where everything except the history and bookmark list pickers and the history list works.

app-Browser UPDATE netminderno.9apps.aia (33.1 KB)
Any suggestions on how to make a history loop that works better or get rid of those runtime errors?

@TIMAI2 I also really enjoyed the metric rats website. I have some experience with Html. In 8th grade, I built a simple website through code.org. Is that your website? It is super useful!

just about everything in your app doesn't work then...?

No, just those three things.

I cannot even enter a url and go to it

Did you use the newer .aia file?
Put in https://google. That one works, and youtube should work too. Or copy and paste one.

If anyone could help to debug this code it would be helpful. Kinda has to do with lists. :grin:

As I previously suggested, simplify your project back to a simple web viewer, get that working, then build your bookmarks and history blocks on top of that.

Take some time to plan your app on paper, yes paper, including the logic steps you will need to take.

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Hello Fellow Coders,

I've been working on a basic web app, and have added things like incognito mode, bookmarks, and history. This is not the final version, but I'm kinda stuck here. I can't figure out how to get the bookmarks viewer and the history viewer to either delete the item or got to the URL. Help, please!
Here's the file-(below)Browser UPDATED.aia (32.8 KB)
And the screenshot of the blocks:

I am currently taking the Mobile CSP course on this, so if there is a unit I can refer to or a specific lesson, I would be glad if you would tell me. Thx!

Ok, So I've messed around in the blocks editor a little more and made these changes-
Taken out the join-compare text blocks
Changed URLs to URL I get on google search
Added set.homeURL (Screen 1 initialize event handler) and store.homeURL blocks
And made the widths for the arrangements automatic.

Your link does not work for any one but you.

Export the .aia file and post it here instead.

Please export your project and post it here.

Thanks. I did not know.

@TIMAI2 and @ABG Could either of you take a look at this app? It would help a lot, since this is for the midterm project. XD Thx.

And here the updated blocks relevant to the issue-

Edit to above post- Here is the newer app. The bookmarks and the history listpickers still do not work properly when you choose your item. Everything else has either been simplified or fixed. .aia file- Browser UPDATE netminderno.9apps.aia (33.1 KB)
The blocks above are what's causing the problem.

How can a piece of text act as an index into a list?

@ABG Oh snap! That's where I went wrong. Thanks! Would the logic block still work like that as I have it set up? if get.choice = "delete Bookmark". The choice would be form the notifier block with buttons.

It is fixed!

Thank you to everyone who helped me out with this. @ABG and @TIMAI2 and @Taifun