Need Some Help Here! Error

Hello Fellow Coders,

I've been working on a basic web app, and have added things like incognito mode, bookmarks, and history. This is not the final version, but I'm kinda stuck here. I can't figure out how to get the bookmarks viewer and the history viewer to either delete the item or got to the URL. Help, please!
Here's the file-(below)Browser UPDATED.aia (32.8 KB)
And the screenshot of the blocks:

I am currently taking the Mobile CSP course on this, so if there is a unit I can refer to or a specific lesson, I would be glad if you would tell me. Thx!

Ok, So I've messed around in the blocks editor a little more and made these changes-
Taken out the join-compare text blocks
Changed URLs to URL I get on google search
Added set.homeURL (Screen 1 initialize event handler) and store.homeURL blocks
And made the widths for the arrangements automatic.

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