Web Viewer not working on Emulator

I'm trying to have the web viewer component access wikipedia pages.

When I test with my phone, it works.

When I test with the emulator, it does not work. (web viewer shows the url and an error message)

I'm teaching Mobile CSP, and not all of my students have phones they can use to test, so "just test with the phone" is not a viable workaround.

These are not complicated webpages, so I expect the emulator to be able to load them.

Eiffel Tower - Wikipedia is one of the webpages that shows this issue.

@ldelaney Thanks for reaching out. Here are a few things that can help us narrow down the issue:

  • Can you attach an example project and a screenshot of the error?
  • Is it affecting all Wikipedia pages or just some?
  • Which version of the emulator are you using?

Unable to render some https web sites; http seem fine :astonished:

However if one ticks WebViewer ignore ssl errors then
https://appinventor.mit.edu renders fine but wikipedia still does not.