WEB PUT for google sheet?

I am using google spreadsheet and web component to post data

I want to update the row values i.e. date, amount, description of a particular row. How can I use put method to update the data

Try this in your google apps script:

I don't want to change the code, I used get and post in my app similarly I want to use put/patch to update. This is easier than what you have shared. Thanks

Show your script then, so we can see how an update might work ?

I do not hold out much hope for you, you can only GET or POST to a google apps script web app.......

You may want to use the native Spreadsheet component instead of apps script ?

You want easy?

Why not use the AI2 spreadsheet component?

Simply, you can see the text format of post text e.g. join >> date=" "&amount=" "&description=" "(refer screenshot) below

Similarly, I need the text format for put/patch

Anyway, please find my script below -

And this is the script url -
Note: The url will not be accessible because for security reason I have changed the key/token

As I have said above, there is no "doPut(e)".

You have to use doPost(e) or doGet(e) with a google apps script web app.

You will have to modify your script to handle an update to existing data.

Or as also suggested, consider using the native Spreadsheet component.

Is there any video tutorial for the native spreadsheet component?

Not video, but it has pictures and translatable text.

Start here if you love video ...