Web-automation in App Inventor

A lot of you might be familiar with the term “selenium” and web automation. I want that thing to do in my app in web-viewer.

I want to automate a website when I click a button. Like I will have a set of pre-determined commands that should be performed one after another when a user clicks a button.

Suppose there is a button. When a user clicks it, the web-viewer will open the site, “https://youtube.com/”. Then it will search for “mr. Beast” and subscribe to his channel.
In this scenario the user will do nothing but press the button. And when the user has pressed the button, the web-viewer will automatically do the following. (The following would be pre-written with some code or blocks)

So, is this kind of web-automation possible on App-Inventor? If yes then can anyone give me a little guidance?

The question is, if your website is able to do it. . Does it use JavaScript? If yes, you might want to try


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Thanks, @Taifun for helping me in this. I hope this will work just fine.

Again, thanks a lot.

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