Warning message "abundant use of HTTP" in app (Google Play console)

In google play console I get a warning message dat HTTP is used very much. How is this possible because I don't use a HTTP link at all"? Or is this caused by an extension?
Can anybody help me with this?

Do you use extensions? Make a copy of your app; take the extension out and see if you still get the 'warning' message for your app. If you use extensions, they are part of the app and hide what they do so possibly an extension is what Google is grumbling about.

Yes I use etensions! Sidebar, Easydialog and clicktools. I'm going to try this out. Thanks! I'll let it know.

Hello Theo

Can you take a screenshot of the whole Warning Message please?

Does your App connect to the Internet in any way? To use the Cloud for example?

Here is the screenshot Chris. It is in Dutch so I converted it with google translate. Here below..
My app doesn't have any connection with the internet so far as I am aware of...

Excessive use of HTTP
Your app uses HTTP heavily. Continuing to use this unsecured protocol may impact your app's visibility in the Play Store. We recommend using HTTPS to avoid this possibility.

If you need help tracing the source of HTTP requests, consider providing your app's entry points with detectCleartextNework

Is some of your content HTML pages, stored in assets (media tray)? I ask because we access those like this for example:


If you don't have anything obviously http in your Project, upload it here for a Power User to examine.

Export Project

This page isn't reachebale for me....

That's in App Inventor........ open your Project, Click on My Projects, then select Export selected project. We recommend you do this frequently to back-up your project.

Sorry I was not clear enough. I ment that this isn't reachable

I only use HTML code with labels. To set the color..

I use many labels for helptekst. Like this:
<b><u>KNOPPEN</u></b><br> <font color="green">groene plus knop</font> <br> - aanmaken geluidsituatie/geluidbron<br> <font color="red">rode X knop</font> (hoofdscherm)<br> - verwijderen totale geluidsituatie<br> <font color="red">rode X knop</font> (invoerscherm)<br> - verwijderen geluidonderdeel<br> <font color="blue">Blauwe tekst</font><br> - kort: niveau dieper<br> - lang: begeleidende tekst<br> <font color="green">Groene etmaalletters (D/A/N)</font><br> -aan/uit etmaalperiode<br> <b>Drie puntjes </b><br> - horizontaal: Invoerhulp<br> - verticaal: Instellingen<br> <b>Locatieteken </b><br> - geografische ondersteuning<br> <b><u>OVERIG</u></b><br> <b>Statusbalk onder </b><br> - actuele begeleiding<br><br> Tip! <font color="blue">Houd gekleurde tekst langer vast voor begeleiding</font><br><br> Om snel berekening of meting op te zetten kunnen de volgende handelingen worden uitgevoerd.<br><br> Stap 1: Aanmaken geluidsituatie (groene plusknop). Kies bronsoort en voor berekening of meting.<br> Stap 2: Invoergegevens <font color="blue">Geluidbron</font>. Via knop met drie horizontale puntjes kan een keuze gemaakt worden uit voorbeeld bronnen. Pas deze invoergegevens naar eigen inzicht aan.<br> Stap 3: Invoergegevens <font color="blue">Waarnemer</font>. Via de knop met drie horizontale puntjes kan voor een standaardsituatie (woning) worden gekozen.<br> Stap 4: Invoergegevens <font color="blue">Overdracht</font>. Voer de horizontale afstand in tussen bron en waarnemer.<br><br> Achter ieder onderdeel verschijnt <b><font color="green">√</font></b> als voldaan wordt aan de minimale invoer vereisten. De resultaten worden getoond bij de Waarnemer.

I posted it with html code... but it is converted here :roll_eyes:

Thanks TIMAI2

Well, the Labels are using HTML code, but that doesn't translate to http :grin:

...... but I wonder if Google's test bed concludes that it does, in error.

MIT cannot pose that question to Google without thoroughly checking your file themselves first.

Well, I hope you mean you do not have any HTML documents in your Media Tray (Assets). Sometimes the English-Dutch translator can mess the words up - Een ogenblik!

Frankly I dont understand what you ment here. Assets, media tray? De link you posted here is not working...
Your dutch is quit good :ok_hand:. I'll be waiting

This is just a standard warning from Google for all App Inventor projects. Because we cannot easily infer what a project does/doesn't do, we set flags to allow the app to make plain HTTP calls (no HTTPS), for example to talk to IOT devices on the local network (which cannot have a public SSL certificate and therefore cannot be communicated with easily over HTTPS). Because Google wants to encourage everyone to switch to using HTTPS they put up the warning, but it should not impact your ability to publish the app. The MIT AI2 Companion, since it is built with App Inventor, also receives this warning and we have never had any issues with the app being accepted into the store.

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Oke! Thank you for this infromation. This explains much to me.
I have another app in google play console. This doesn't receves this mesage. Is there a difference between apps?

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