WARNING: Google has Deprecated the Fusion Tables Service. It will stop working on December 3, 2019

Hi ,
I had coded my app around 2018 using the MIT app inventor tool. Now I am getting the error mentioned in the heading. Is there a workaround for the same. Please let me know since I am not able to use the app I coded since this error keeps cropping up.


To give you the best advice, we need to know what your App does, what it stores etc., but if you need to use an online service (rather than your own server for example) then FireBase is a contender. One of the Clouds (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Thingspeak etc) might suite your purpose too.

Here is an explanation about what happened https://groups.google.com/g/mitappinventortest/c/YPxwZn_a1rQ/m/PLpq4360BwAJ

MIT is creating and testing an alternative to the old FusionTable Control Built In Google Sheets Component for App Inventor

If you built the Pizza Party app using the Fusion Tables, Tim made this tutorial showing how to build the example app using the MIT CloudDB control


The advice might help you to convert your previous Project to something that will work.

My app mainly stores data in the form of text and numbers.Here is our app demo video for your further reference.
demo video
We had stored the data in various fusion tables with different names , but i am not able to access them from my drive either.Here is a screenshot of our register page where we are trying to retrieve data from our fusion tables. Please let me know if any changes can be done for it to start working again.

Sorry, your Fusion table storage is GONE. Google warned users a long time ago and now they say:

You’ll be able to download your table data via Google Takeout until March 3, 2020. *After that, all Fusion Tables data will be permanently and irrevocably deleted.

Fusion tables were a Google product and only Google can help you recover that data. Contact Google. Recovering your data might be impossible.

Onward, store your data in Google sheets or FirebaseDB etc.

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Oh okay.Thanks a lot for your help though.
Shall keep this in mind.