Warning app sound to be safe

make app make sound when someone try to be near you and hurt you

Show what you have tried so far...

I make app that make alarm sound if some one try to come to near me closer the sound will start in mobile
is there any sensor make this or extension

For this to work, your device would need to have a sensor that can detect the electromagnetic field of an evil (or hostile) person. I think that should answer your question.

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or you can use the proximity sensor component

How is this supposed to help?

using the proximity component you can get up to ~10cm and can help to get started

... and that would be?

Yes your eyes are the appropriate sense to use.

Provide a Button that plays a very loud alarm sound when you feel unsafe perhaps.


you also could shake your device to start playing an alarm sound


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not really, it could detect anything proximity like a wall, not just persons, but OP wants to detect only hostile people...which so far only humans can detect with an android app soundboard.

so best bet for OP is to make a warning sound button in the app...