Wanted CompCreator "Create from Template" Tutorial


@TIMAI2 @Kevinkun Cannot Find a Tutorial on this Component, let me know how to create a template as explained in [Free] CompCreator - create component dynamically

@Kevinkun shows how to use the template feature here:

(scroll to somewhere in the middle of the post)

Scrolled full post, but no Block examples

I understand, but in "template" area, we need to put the Json only?, If yes can you help me, how to find the JSon string of the component, I'm using using latest version of the extension.

Well, as @Kevinkun says

  • Add a component in the designer
  • Set some properties
  • Select the component in the designer
  • Press CTRL+C to copy
  • Go to Blocks editor
  • Drag out a text block
  • Select the text block edit area and CTRL+V to paste

You will then have the template for that component

  • replace the property value in the template with {1},{2},{3}...
  • set the real value in the values
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If you provide any one comparision or demo image, it will be helpful

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