Voice/Speech Recognition issue


a few month ago I made an application with the speech recognition extension from ScorpioNormal without Google Dialogue and Continous Speech Recognition option.

Because of any reasons the application doesn´t work anymore. I tried different things, used different extension versions, different cellphones and made all updates on every device.

The application is really simple. Its a 6-Button-Control Panel (Modes 1-6). You can choose/change the mode with finger, the button colour shows the activated mode. If you touch town the choosen mode you send a signal to a bluetooth receiver module (MDBT42Q). This will switch a transistor and works like a button with 6 different outputs, so the goal is to control up to 6 devices.

The voice recognition function should gives availability to do it without hands. And it worked perfectly. I had a record button to give the 6 modes new names and a continous speech recognition button for permanent activation. So it was possible to change the modes and with the pre-programmed keywork ok the choosen mode was switched 1 second high (signal to receiver module).

What happened now after a few month of break? When I press one of the voice recognition buttons (record or permanent recognition), the application starts automatically to do the start and stop sound for recognition. The strange thing, even if I end the application and even when I de-install it.

I found out that when I stopp the access of the Microphone to Google, it´s the only way to stop the permanent start and stop sound of the voice recognition.

Of course I had that sounds also when the application worked but not at the same time and only when I pressed the buttons.

Is this because of a Google Update? Is there another possibility via App Inventor to activate the voice recognition WITHOUT pressing a button?
Sorry but why should be a voice recognition helpful when I have to press a button EVERYTIME first? I would agree for testing but its not very useful for many other projects.

Maybe someone can help me.

ScorpioNormal is not available anymore..

Best regards

Perhaps HOW TO: Program the native SpeechRecognizer for Continuous Dictation and to do things


thank you, I found the parrot app and I will test it.

My hope was I can rescue my application because I spent many hours on it and all is working, just the voice rec. makes problems.

How I can deactivate the Google Dialoge Window.
When I use the built in speech recognition in App Inventor it appears all the time...but not in the Parrot App.

Look at the Parrot aia Designer Properties for the SR and use those settings. Look at and experiment with the Parrot app. See what it does and how it does it before you experiment with your own app(walk, don't run). Parrot can do some remarkable things; it might be able to do what you want by adapting it. Your app doesn't require the Google prompts if you follow the example.