Viewing of data from google Spreadsheets. Can somebody please help me?

I'm doing a system of visualization of the informatios of an item by the reading of the item's barcode. I've being able to read the barcode and get the informatior from the google sheets(by using the google sheets API in the storage section) but when I try to present the info in the screen it goes wrong, the data is mix up and I can't find a way to relate the parts of infortation, for example ram memory to 8GB(it's computers informatios on the spreadsheet). My code and result are bellow, if someone can please help me that would be great.

To start with:

could simply be:


(the same would apply to the LegendaData list)

For fetching all the cell data, it would make more sense to get the range data (A1:K1) and (A2:K2)

Yeah, thanks. Gonna change now and teste the cell range

Are you attempting to query your spreadsheet using the barcode scan result ?

Actually I'm using the function PROCV(I'm still going to se other functions and if there's a better one, but this is the only one that I know for now), I have another sheet with the resto os the values, them in the Sheet1 there's the function that finds the info for me, then I read it and show it in the list view, the problem is that the size of everything is diferent so isn't gettind the ideia of data that I'm trying.

I'm Brazilian, that's why the information in the image is in portuguese and not english.

Here's a sample you can study for cross-sheet functions:

and here's a sample of how to display sheets in YAML: